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Retirement Internet Reporting (RIR System)

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Internet Reporting File Instructions

Below is a link to an Excel file you can use to create a text file to submit reports via the Internet. You will need to replace the information in the file with your employee records.

Sample Microsoft Excel Monthly Reporting (RIR) file Microsoft Excel

Row Descriptions
Row 3 Municipality Name and Location Code
Row 5 Month being reported
Row 7 Column heading
Row 8 Required width of column
Row 10-16 Actual data
Row 19 Total amounts
Column Descriptions
Column A Your five digit Employer Location Code
Column B Your three digit Report Code (010, 020, 013)
Column C Month being reported (20111031 for October 31, 2011 report)
Column D Employees’ Retirement Registration Number (do not use any hyphens)
Column E Employees’ Social Security Number (do not use any hyphens)
Column F Control Initial (First letter of Members’ last name)
Column G Employees’ last name
Column H Employees’ first name
Column I Days of Service (must have 2 decimals)
Column J Gross Salary (must have 2 decimals)
Column K Contributions (must have 2 decimals)
Column L Loan Payment (must have 2 decimals)
Column M Arrears Payment (must have 2 decimals)
Column N Item Number (Must be 5 characters...xxxx, 00000)

Once you’ve completed the Excel file, save it as an Excel file and as a ‘formatted text (space delimited)*.prn’ text file. You will attach the text file to your “Employer Report Summary” when you begin using RIR.

To do this, open your Excel file:

  1. Click on “file,” then “Save As”.
  2. In the “Save As” box, designate where you want your file to be saved by clicking the arrow in the ‘Save in’ box. This will give you a menu to choose where the file is to be saved (e.g., your desktop).
  3. Again in the “Save As” box, change the name of the file by typing in the “name box.” We suggest you name the file according to the month you’re reporting. For example: a May 31, 2011 report would be called “May11Ret”.
  4. And lastly in the “Save As” box, change the “Save as type” from “Microsoft Excel...” to “formatted text space delimited...” and then click Save. You will get a pop-up box that asks about “compatibility,” answer Yes.
  5. When you try to close your Excel file, you will get another pop-up box asking about saving your “.prn” file, answer No.