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Employer Projections & Rates (EPR)

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Our Employer Projections & Rates (EPR) application is a convenient tool that can help you plan for the future. The EPR application allows you to view your 2019 projection, review the rates for your specific plans, and access other important information.

To see your projections and rates, log on to your online programs. You must have a username and password to enter. If you do not have a username and password, email the Employer Billing Unit or contact the unit by phone at 518-474-4913 or 518-408-4214.

How Projections and Rates are Calculated


Salaries are not consistent from year to year, so we inflate (multiply by an actuarially calculated projection factor) to project anticipated salaries 15 months in advance.


Rates are calculated based upon the projected cost of maintaining the Common Retirement Fund, which pays for the benefits of your employees. Employees’ Retirement System rates Adobe pdf and Police and Fire Retirement System rates Adobe pdf for all plans are available on our website.

Contribution Stabilization Program

If you chose to amortize your 2018 Annual Invoice, the interest rate on that amortization is:

Viewing Your Projections and Rates

In order to view these programs, you will need internet access and a computer running either Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS. We test our applications in Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) versions 9 and 10. If you use an earlier version, you may not be able to access this application or the application may not function properly.

If you are having trouble with IE, or your information doesn’t seem to be displaying properly, try using Google Chrome. Learn more about Google Chrome.

Tips For Understanding the EPR Application

The figures in the Actual Salaries column represent the salary that you reported to us for State Fiscal Year April 1, 2016 – March 31, 2017.

The divide by factor represents the 45 days of interest that are discounted when you pay your annual invoice by December 15th instead of February 1st. The factor changes with the interest rate.

Group term life insurance (GTLI) is separate from the regular pension contribution because it is excluded from the calculation of the Estimated Amount that May Be Amortized.

For Help with Your Projections and Rates

If you disagree with this information or don’t see all of the location codes that you should have access to, email the Employer Billing Unit or call 518-474-4913 or 518-474-7573.

If you don’t understand a term, scroll over the column or row heading with your mouse to see definitions. Make sure that pop-ups are enabled for the NYSLRS website.

(Rev. 9/17)