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Elected and Appointed Officials


Correctly reporting the number of days worked during a reporting period helps ensure the benefits your employees receive are accurate. But, since elected and appointed officials usually do not work a fixed schedule or have preset hours, determining the number of days they’ve worked requires a different process.

A regulation on reporting elected and appointed officials Adobe pdf, which more clearly defines the reporting process, became effective August 12, 2009. The regulation adds additional requirements for both employers and elected and appointed officials. Among the changes are an expanded record of work activities, a more detailed resolution and specific time frames within which requirements must be completed. This section of our presentation describes the method of properly calculating the number of days to report for elected and appointed officials and how it differs from the previous process.

The regulation applies to new terms of office or appointments beginning on or after August 12, 2009.

If you have questions about reporting elected and appointed officials now or in the future, or if you’d like assistance preparing your monthly reports, you can email our Member & Employer Services Bureau.