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NYS Comptroller


State Expenditures

The Comptroller’s State Program Examiners in the Bureau of State Expenditures work to improve State government by identifying fraudulent, wasteful and improper transactions. As a State Expenditures examiner, you are also in a unique position to help improve the State’s financial management system.

examiners of the Bureau of State Expenditures Bureau staff audit about 25 million payments totaling more than $80 billion each year. The agencies we audit are diverse and include such areas as: health, corrections, education, law enforcement, workers compensation, transportation, and many more.

As a staff examiner, you will join forces with our experienced examiners in safeguarding State assets. You will use innovative forensic audit techniques to identify patterns and trends indicative of fraud, waste or improper payments. By using these techniques, we found:

  • State employees operating their private businesses from their State offices,
  • Shell companies created by State employees who submitted fraudulent invoices for goods and services never delivered,
  • Unlicensed doctors providing services to State clients,
  • Security guard companies providing unregistered and unqualified security guards to State agencies,
  • Taxpayers poised to receive millions in improper tax refunds,
  • State employees making fraudulent personal purchases with State funds,
  • Copier companies charging more than the contract price for equipment and maintenance agreements,
  • State managers using taxpayer funds to rehabilitate relatives’ homes,
  • Inmates and State employees collecting unemployment insurance checks, and
  • Lots more!

You’ll also have an opportunity to develop computer-programming skills. Examiners in the State Insurance Fund Team, Unemployment Insurance Team and the Computer Audit Support Team (CAST) use various software packages to write specific programs to identify improper transactions. The CAST unit also has examiners responsible for computer support and systems development throughout the bureau.

While a significant part of your audit career will involve analyzing evidence, an equally significant part of your career will depend on well-developed oral and written communication skills. As a State Expenditures examiner, you will communicate with all levels of government officials and vendors that do business with the State of New York. Our resident experts will teach you how to interview to uncover fraud and how to document audit evidence.

You will also have the opportunity to travel around the State. Our examiners typically travel from 10-20 percent of the year. We encourage examiners to visit State agencies to gain the knowledge necessary to develop an audit. Our examiners are stationed in our Albany or New York City office.

If you’re inquisitive, professionally skeptical, enthusiastic, motivated and have good computer and communication skills, this could be the place for you.

We are an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer