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NYS Comptroller


Corporate Governance

As Trustee of the Common Retirement Fund, Comptroller DiNapoli has the responsibility to protect the interests of the Fund and voice concerns and propose changes that are in the best interest of the companies in which the Fund invests. With an emphasis on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, DiNapoli and the Fund help shape corporate policies and practices in ways that safeguard the Fund’s investments and promote corporate responsibility.

The Fund engages portfolio companies in one or more of the following ways:

  • Opening a dialogue with the company to seek greater transparency or to improve corporate policies and practices;
  • Proposing shareholder resolutions seeking information or a change in company policy that are subject to a vote by fellow shareholders;
  • Voting on shareholder resolutions; and
  • Voting for or against board director nominees.

Our more recent engagements have concentrated on the following issues:

Climate Change

Climate Change

A company should evaluate and adapt its business strategy to meet the impacts of climate change, whether they be environmental (loss of infrastructure and resources) or regulatory (new restrictions on carbon emissions). Learn more

Political Spending

Political Spending

A company should fully disclose its corporate spending for political purposes so its shareholders can determine whether such spending furthers the company’s long-term financial goals. Learn more

Diversity and Non-Discrimination

Diversity and Non-Discrimination

A company should strive for diversity within its leadership and workforce and prevent discrimination based on non-job related criteria. Diversity enables the company to draw on a broad pool of talent and a wide range of viewpoints, backgrounds, skills and experience, all of which can strengthen a company’s competitive position. Learn more

2015 Portfolio Engagements

Our efforts in the past year have resulted in a number of key improvements in corporate behavior, including voluntary disclosure on political spending, workplace protections for LGBT employees, and commitments to lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

View Summary

We also engaged companies by voting for or against shareholder resolutions, board nominees and other motions. In all, we cast a vote in over 2,000 shareholder meetings from October 2014 to September 2015.