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NYS Comptroller


Intergovernmental & Community Affairs

The Office of Intergovernmental & Community Affairs allows the New York State Comptroller’s office to be responsive to the needs of our State’s citizens by serving as liaisons for the Comptroller to the other branches of state government, all levels of local government, business and community leaders, and individual citizens. The office employs regional directors who represent the Comptroller and serve as points of communication, coordination and expertise throughout the State. Our representatives are available to serve as the first line of communication for any of the services provided by this agency.

Erin Stevens
Deputy Comptroller
Division of Intergovernmental
& Community Affairs

Carlos Rodriguez
Assistant Comptroller
Division of Intergovernmental
& Community Affairs

Christina Baal-Owens
Director, Community Affairs
Division of Intergovernmental
& Community Affairs

Office of the State Comptroller
110 State Street, 15th Floor
Albany, NY 12236
(O) 518-402-3234
(F) 518-408-3852

Other Resources

Our map contains more information about the regional directors from your area.