Department of Health

Contracts for Personal and Miscellaneous Services

During the period April 1, 2006 through April 1, 2010, the Department of Health (Department) had approximately 400 active personal and miscellaneous service contracts in place with a total value of $684 million. We examined whether the Department was adequately justifying the need to contract out for such services and periodically reassessing whether such contracts could be deferred, eliminated or reduced to save State funds. We reviewed a sample of 20 contracts valued at $320 million and found that the Department generally justified the need for the contracts. The Department did not maintain sufficient documentation to justify two of the contracts. In addition, the Department provided support showing that 19 of the 20 contracts we sampled were reassessed and/or reduced during 2008-09. However, the Department was unable to show that contracts were reassessed after this time. We recommended certain improvements for the Department relating to these contracts.

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