Department of Motor Vehicles

Issuance of Commercial Driver's Licenses

Individuals must meet certain requirements before they can be licensed to drive commercial motor vehicles, such as trucks and buses, and certain additional requirements before they can be allowed to transport hazardous materials. We examined whether these requirements were always met, and found that they were not. For example, we found that some drivers were inappropriately issued licenses because their written driver's examinations were incorrectly graded. We also found that licenses had been issued to individuals who had not provided all the required medical information. We recommended that certain improvements be made in the Department of Motor Vehicles' licensing process.

We were unable to determine whether the Department was taking action to withdraw and restrict commercial licenses when appropriate, as we had intended, because the Department did not provide us with data we that we requested, and needed, to make this determination. Department officials said that they were unable to provide the data because of the complexity of our request and the limited availability of staff with the necessary expertise.

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