Office for Technology

Implementation of the NYeNET

In 1996, the Office for Technology (OFT) began to implement the NYeNET, a statewide government telecommunications network supported by fiber-optic cables installed along the New York State Thruway. The NYeNET is intended to replace many of the existing (and sometimes incompatible) telecommunications networks used by State agencies and local governments and to reduce the total cost of government telecommunications in New York State. The NYeNET is also intended to provide enhanced services by allowing users to share information seamlessly across levels of government and to access advanced applications in a secure and user-friendly environment.

We examined whether these goals have been achieved, and found that they have not been achieved. OFT has not made significant progress in consolidating the many disparate existing networks or in giving users shared access to advanced applications. OFT also cannot demonstrate that the NYeNET has reduced telecommunications costs. We further determined that OFT has not maintained good communications with users to determine what they need from the NYeNET, and State agency participation in the NYeNET is low. We recommend actions that should be taken by OFT to improve the performance of the NYeNET.

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