State University Construction Fund

Contract with Hudson Design

The State University Construction Fund (SUCF) contracts with architects and engineers to design and oversee construction projects for the State University of New York. We examined the process used in awarding a contract of $102,000 to Hudson Design to perform a study relating to a facility at the State University College at Old Westbury. At the time of our audit, it had been reported in the news media that this contract may have been awarded on the basis of favoritism. In addition, the circumstances surrounding the award of the contract were being investigated by the State Inspector Generalís Office. In our audit, we identified significant weaknesses in the process used by SUCF to evaluate the firms seeking the contract that was awarded to Hudson Design. We also identified several problematic conditions that cause us to question the propriety of the contract award, including indications that Hudson Design had begun work on the study before the formal consultant selection process was completed. In addition, we examined the payments made to Hudson Design for the work performed under the contract, and determined that the payments were based on duly signed vouchers and evidence of completed work.

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