NYS Comptroller Seal  

Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date: May 15, 2000

Bulletin No. CU-88

Subject Spring 2000 Performance Excellence Awards
Purpose To explain procedure for paying Awards
Affected Employees  Grade 980 Salaried Employees
Effective Date Awards may be submitted beginning pay period 4 current, checks dated 6/1/00.
Background Information regarding awards, including eligibility criteria, can be found in Vice Chancellor Brenda Malone’s January 10, 2000 memorandum to College Presidents and the Dean of the CUNY Law School.
Agency Action In the Time Entry panel enter:
Earnings code ADJ
Payroll period begin and end dates
Amount of $5,000
Comment: Performance Excellence Award

Submit a roster identifying award recipients in the corresponding pay period.

Taxes Taxes will be calculated using the annualized tax method unless fixed taxes are entered into the Employee Tax Data Panels (Federal, State and Local). This is a pensionable payment. The agency is responsible for changing the fixed taxes back to the regular tax routine in the following pay period.
Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the University Manager of Payroll Systems and Operations at CUNY Central Office.