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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date: December 23, 1999

Bulletin No. CU-78


Subject January 1, 2000 CUNY Increment Payments
Purpose To explain the automatic processing and agency instructions for the payment of PSC Increments
Affected Employees CUNY Professional Staff Employees
Effective Date Payroll Period 21C, 12/30/1999-1/12/2000, for paychecks dated January 13, 2000
OSC Automatic Processing OSC will automatically apply the increment to employees who meet the following criteria:

Active annual salaried employee
Salary grade of 980
Increment codes 0001, 0015, 0025, with a salary equal to one of the steps on the salary schedule

After the agency cutoff date for pay period 21C (December 28, 1999 at noon), a row will automatically be inserted into the employee’s job data record with the action of PAY CHANGE and a reason of INC. The new incremented salary will be automatically inserted along with an updated increment code.

Increment codes will be updated as follows:
Employee’s increment code is 0001 and incremented salary is below max, increment code will remain 0001
Employee’s increment code is 0001 and incremented salary is equal to max, increment code will be changed to 0003
Employee’s increment code is 0002, increment code will be changed to 0001
Employee’s increment code is 0015 or 0025, increment code will remain unchanged

Listings During the week of December 20, 1999, OSC will fax a listing to agencies to identify employees in specialized titles (e.g. Professor/Dean, Associate Professor/Associate Dean). OSC will not increase these employees automatically.

After the automatic increment has been processed, OSC will fax a listing to agencies to identify:
employees who received the automatic increment
employees who did not receive the automatic increment because the increment code was missing or the salary was off step

Agency Instructions To pay increments to employees in specialized titles in pay period 21C, the agency must select the action of Pay Change (PAY) and reason of Increment (INC) on the Job Action Request Panel . Enter the total salary payable effective 1/1/2000 in the Pay Rate field, the appropriate Increment Code, and a breakdown of the salary in the Status Reason Block.

Do not request Pay Changes or Position Changes for active, annual- salaried 980 employees in Period 21C unless:
the effective date is prior to 1/1/2000
an employee in a Specialized Title is eligible for the 1/1/2000 increment

Revised Increment Code Chart A revised increment code chart will be faxed to agencies to be used after period 21C is processed. Agencies must use the revised chart to determine increment codes for requested pay changes and position changes, beginning in period 22C.
For Additional Information

Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the University Manager of Payroll Systems and Operations at CUNY Central Office.