NYS Comptroller Seal  

Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date: December 14, 1999

Bulletin No. CU-75


Subject Tax Deferred Annuity (TDA) and Supplemental Retirement Annuities (SRA) reporting for the year 2000.
Purpose To provide instructions for continuing or starting these deductions in 2000.

NOTE: No agency action required for the January 13, 2000 paycheck, if the rate remains the same and no end date has been reported.

Affected Employees Employees Eligible for the following Deductions:
414 New York Teachers TDA
417 Professional Staff Congress TDA
419 Copeland TDA
Effective Date Payroll deductions for 2000 will begin with checks dated January 13.
OSC Processing The Office of the State Comptroller will continue these deductions in 2000 at their current rate, if no end date has previously been reported, or until a future end date has been reported. OSC will produce and mail a listing of employees with end dates to the Payroll Offices. OSC will zero out the goal balance at the end of each calendar year.
Agency Processing Instructions to Change Existing Deductions or Report New Deductions 1. After logging into PaySR, access the Gen Deduction Data (Agency) panel by Start - Compensate Employees - Maintain Payroll Data U.S. - Use - Gen Deduction Data (Agency) - Update/Display All.

2. Enter the employee’s ID

3. The employee’s ID (ID), employee record number (Empl Rcd#) and Name appear highlighted in the List Box. Click Select.

4. Determine if the employee already has a deduction record for the specific TDA/SRA reported by the vendor by scrolling through the deduction codes using the outer scroll bar.

  • If a record with the same deduction code already exists, click on the top of the inner scroll bar, insert a row and continue with step 6.
  • If there is not an existing row for this deduction code, click on the outer scroll bar, insert a row and continue with step 5.
  • If an employee currently has another TDA deduction code and is currently having a deduction, contact the employee or vendor. An employee may not participate with more than one TDA vendor at a time.

5. Deduction Code - select the correct deduction code for the SRA/TDA from the drop down box, using the information provided by the vendor.

6. Effective Date - enter the effective date for the deduction to begin in the first paycheck for 2000 as follows:

  • Institution (Lag) - December 16, 1999
  • Institution (Current) - December 30, 1999

7. Deduction Calculation Routine for fixed deduction amounts -select Flat Amount from the drop down box, for percentage deductions - select Percent of Special Earnings from the drop down box.

8. Deduction End Date - should be left blank unless an end date prior December 27, 2000 is desired.

9. If deduction is reported as a percent deduction enter rate (i.e. 8% = 8.000) in the Deduction Rate or % field.
If deduction is a flat amount enter the amount to be deducted biweekly in the Flat/Addl Amount field.

10. Goal Amount - The amount reported last year will remain in effect unless a new amount is reported. If a change is required, enter the new amount. Note : If a Goal Amount is being changed from 0 after the first deduction for the calendar year 2000, the Goal Balance must be updated with amount deducted to date in 2000 (see step 11).

11. Goal Balance - It is not necessary to enter a Goal Balance for the first deduction for the calendar year 2000. It is only necessary to report a Goal Balance when the Goal Amount is changed from 0 after the first deduction for the calendar year 2000. It will then be necessary to update the Goal Balance with the amount deducted to date in 2000. The amount deducted can be obtained from the Deduction Balances Panel. access the Deduction Balances (Agency) panel by Start - Compensate Employees - Maintain Payroll Data U.S. - Inquire - Deduction Balances. Use the inner scroll bar to locate the deduction code.

12. Click the Save button on the toolbar.

Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the University Manager of Payroll Systems and Operations at CUNY Central Office.