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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date: August 30, 1999

Bulletin No. CU68


Subject Bargaining Unit change, new deduction codes, new union code and new benefit program.
Purpose To explain automatic processing completed by OSC and instructions for future processing by the agencies.
Affected Employees Adjunct employees in bargaining unit T8 on the 7XXX1 payrolls
Graduate Assistants in bargaining unit T8 on the 7XXX0 payrolls
Employees in bargaining unit TC on the 7XXX0 and 7XXX9 payrolls who are active, on leave or paid leave.
Effective Date Paychecks dated 9/9/1999
OSC Actions and Impact On Thursday, 8/26/99, OSC inserted a row into Position Data and the Job Data Panels with the effective date of 08/26/99 for employees in department 7XXX1, bargaining unit T8, Union Code PSC. The following information was inserted as a new row:
Action Posn Chg
Reason Z11
Union Code AJC
Bargaining Unit AJ

Any employee above who had an agency shop deduction of 290 (PSC agency shop) had an end date automatically inserted to end this deduction. Deduction code 274 (PSC dues - $7.69) will continue.

OSC identified employees in the Graduate Assistant titles (Job codes 015294, 015295 and 015296) and inserted a row into position data and the Job Data Panels with an effective date of 8/26/99 for employees in department 7XXX0, bargaining unit T8, union code PSC. The following information was inserted as a new row:

Action Posn Chg
Reason Z11
Union Code GAC
Bargaining Unit GA

For employees in the Graduate Assistant titles who had code 290 or 274, the deduction code was automatically end dated. Deduction code 249 (PSC dues Graduate Assistants- $5.32) will continue.

OSC inserted a row on the general deduction panel end dating any employee who was active, on leave or paid leave on the 7XXX0 or 7XXX9 payrolls, in bargaining Unit TC who had code 274 (PSC dues).

OSC has inserted a row in the general deduction panel for ALL employees in Bargaining Unit TC with the new deduction code 285. The amount of this deduction is .00. The purpose of this new code is to report the employees on the file sent to PSC for benefit eligibility.

Code 285 will be automatically inserted in an employee’s record when an employee is newly hired in bargaining unit TC. No agency action is required to start this deduction code. Agencies should end date deduction code 285 if the employee transfers out of bargaining unit TC.

Retroactive Job Actions If an agency submits a change to an employee’s record with an effective date prior to the "Current" row on the employee’s job record, the change requested will not change the "current" row. An agency must review the employee’s job record each time a retroactive action is requested on job request or entered on the job panel to determine which rows will need to be corrected.

It is the agency’s responsibility to correct all "history" rows by requesting actions (position changes, pay rate changes and data changes) for each row ON THE Job Data panels that is subsequent to the date of the retroactive change.

For More Information Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the University Manager of Payroll Systems and Operations at CUNY Central Office.