Bureau of State Payroll Services

PaySr Bulletins - CUNY

Subject: July 1, 1999 CUNY Increment Payments Bulletin No. CU62
Date: 6/28/99
Employees Affected:  CUNY Professional Staff Employees


OSC Processing of PSC Increment Payments


  • Increment Payments
  • Mandated by PSC Contract
  • Effective 7/1/99
  • To take effect in Payroll Period 8C: 7/1/99-7/14/99
  • Effective check date 7/15/99

OSC will automatically apply increment payment for:

  • Active annual salaried employee
  • Grade 980
  • With Increment Codes 0007, 0020, 0030, if the employee’s salary is equal to one of the steps on the salary schedule.

Payroll Processing Automatic Increase

1. A row will automatically be inserted into the employees job data record with the action of Pay Change and a reason of INC and the new incremented salary.

2. Increment codes will be updated.

3. A listing will be produced of employees who received the increment payment.

4. An exception listing will be produced identifying employees not automatically updated.

Payroll Procedures: No Automatic Increase

1. Agencies should submit transactions in Pay Period 9C to pay eligible employee that appear on the exception listing

2. Request a Pay Change effective 7/1/99 on the Job Action Request Panel

3. Use the Reason Code INC.


Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the University Manager of Payroll Systems and Operations at CUNY Central Office.