Payroll System Replacement Project

PaySr Bulletins - CUNY

Subject: CUNY PSC 4% Salary Increase Bulletin No. CU59
Date: 4/19/99
Pursuant to the PSC contract, a 4% salary increase will be paid to PSC employees effective May 1,1999. The increase will be paid in Payroll Period 3C, April 22, 1999 - May 5, 1999, checks dated May 6,1999.

OSC will automatically apply the increase for active annual salaried employees in eligible titles, including employees in Bargaining Unit TC who are on the Salary Withholding Program, if the employee’s salary is equal to one of the steps on the Salary Schedule.

If the employee’s salary is not equal to any step on the salary schedule, no increase will be applied by OSC.

For employees receiving the automatic increase, OSC will insert the raise row in the employee’s job record after all CUNY payrolls have been audited for Period 3C and all requests from the agency have been approved and rolled to the employees’ Job Records. No special processing is required for employees receiving the automatic increase.

OSC will produce a listing of employees who received the increase automatically. This listing will be mailed to the agency after Period 3C has been processed.

Employees Not Receiving Automatic Increase

A listing that identifies PSC employees who will not receive the automatic increase (employees in specialized titles, employees whose salary is off step, and employees in titles having no salary steps) has been forwarded to you under separate cover.

Raise Processing for Annual Salaried Employees Not Increased Automatically by OSC

For PSC employees that are not increased automatically by OSC, the agency must request a Pay Change effective May 1, 1999 using the Reason Code of CFS (Cor Fy Sal) on the Job Action Request Panel. For Pay Changes requested after Period 3C, PaySR will calculate an automatic retroactive adjustment for the retroactive service dates from May 1, 1999.

Non-Teaching Adjuncts and Continuing Education Teachers

Non-Teaching Adjuncts and Continuing Education Teachers paid on an hourly basis will not be increased automatically. The agency must request a Pay Change, effective

May 1, 1999, using the Reason Code of CRT (Chg Rate) on the Job Action Request Panel.

RGH Earnings in Time Entry Panel

The agency must breakdown the earnings when entering the Earn Code RGH in the Time Entry Panel. The breakdown must be as follows:

Row 1 - Enter the Earn Code RGH and the dates and hours worked prior to May 1, 1999.

Row 2 - Enter the Earn Code RGH and the dates and hours worked on or after May 1, 1999.

Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the University Manager of Payroll Systems and Operations at CUNY Central Office.