Date: July 29, 2009
Bulletin Number: CU-381


Salary and Other Increases for Employees Represented by the New York State Nurses Association (NYSNA)


To provide CUNY agencies with information for the manual processing of the salary and other increases.

Affected Employees

Annual and hourly employees in Bargaining Unit TE with a title of Staff Nurse, Staff Nurse (hourly) or Nurse Practitioner.

Effective Date

Salary and other increases may be processed for all eligible salaried and hourly employees for Pay Period 11C, paychecks dated 8/27/09.

Contract Provisions


Pursuant to the 2007-2010 MOA between CUNY and NYSNA and Chapter Law 219 of the Laws of 2008, the following increases are provided for:

General Salary Increase

  • Effective 8/16/09

4.0% Salary Increase

Salary increases are to be paid to all eligible Annual and HRY employees who are Active or on a Paid or Unpaid Leave based on the employee's 8/15/09 salary.

Shift Differential

  • Effective 8/16/09

Educational Differential continues to be paid as follows:

  • Baccalaureate - $300 per annum
  • Master’s Degree – an additional $300 per annum

Agency Actions

General Salary Increases

Staff Nurse and Nurse Practitioner – Annual

Submit a Job Request with the Action of Pay Rt Chg effective 8/16/09 and the Reason of Cor Fy Sal (CFS).  For all subsequent rows, use Pay Rt Chg with the Reason of Correct Salary (CSL).

Staff Nurse – Hourly

Submit a Job Request with the Action of Pay Rt Chg effective
8/16/09 and the Reason of Change Rate (CRT). For all subsequent rows, use the same Action/Reason.


Questions regarding eligibility criteria should be directed to Carmelo Batista Jr. or Marilyn Leong at the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Faculty and Staff Relations, (212) 794-5518 or 5519.

Questions about this Bulletin may be directed to the Non Executive Audit mailbox.