Date:January 10, 2008
Bulletin Number: CU-323

New Action/Reason Codes and Additional Pay Earn Codes for CUNY Use Only


To inform CUNY payroll staff of new PayServ codes to use when submitting salary and/or Additional Pay transactions.

Affected Employees

Classified Annual employees in Grade 600.

Effective Date(s)

December 20, 2007.


Existing Action/Reason codes for the Action of PAY and Additional Pay earn codes were not adequate to identify certain salary or additional pay transactions submitted by CUNY.


JRQ = Job Action Request
Addl pay = Additional Pay
Action reason code - refers to JRQ and/or Job Data
Earn code - refers to Addl pay earnings
Adjustment codes = Addl pay earnings mid-period adjustments

OSC Actions

OSC has created new CUNY-specific Action/Reason Codes and Additional Pay earn codes to improve the identification and accuracy of salary and Additional Pay transactions.  All of the new Action/Reason codes and several new Additional Pay earn codes begin with “C” for “CUNY” and are easily accessible in the PayServ drop down box. 

In addition, OSC has created an informational chart that includes applicable Reason Codes, Earn Codes and Adjustment Codes already in existence, as well as the new codes.

OSC will deny transactions submitted with an incorrect Action/ Reason code or Additional Pay earn code.

OSC will manually transition ADF earnings to the new Assignment Differential codes.  OSC will notify CUNY of the effective date of this action.  OSC will provide a listing of affected employees to Sherry Azoulay at CUNY Central Office.

Agency Actions

CUNY should begin using the new Action/Reason codes and/or Additional Pay earn codes for transactions effective 12/20/07.  No changes will be made to Action/Reason codes or Additional Pay codes submitted prior to the effective date of 12/20/07 except for the transition of ADF (Assignment Differential).

CUNY should review the attached informational chart for specific information on the use of the new and existing Action/Reason codes and Additional Pay earn codes.  When submitting salary job requests or Additional Pay earnings, CUNY should select the appropriate reason or earn code from the informational chart.  CUNY must submit the appropriate Additional Pay earnings adjustment transaction for Additional Pay earnings that begin or end mid-pay period.

Additional Pay Transactions
When non-pensionable earnings are initially started, the transaction must include the appropriate end date.  If the non-pensionable earnings do not already have an end date, the agency must add a row to end the non-pensionable earnings before the pensionable earnings are started.  The coinciding pensionable earnings should be added at the same time the non-pensionable earnings are started, even though the effective date may be a future date.

If the above procedure has not yet been completed:  When a non-pensionable Additional Pay earnings becomes pensionable, CUNY should submit a transaction using the appropriate corresponding new pensionable Additional Pay earn code, as well as an adjustment transaction if required.  Pensionable earnings, with the exception of Longevity Increments, described in this bulletin will no longer be added to an employee’s base salary. 

Note:  The use of two existing codes will be discontinued:  Action/Reason code SVI and Additional Pay earn code ADF


The Additional Pay earn code and the payment amount will be displayed on the payroll register.  The earn code description and the payment amount will be displayed on the employee’s paycheck stub or direct deposit advice.


Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the University Manager of Payroll Systems and Operations at CUNY Central Office.