Date:March 8, 2007

Bulletin Number: CU-290


CUNY Managerial Pay Plan Retroactive Increases for 2003-2006


To explain the agency procedures for reporting retroactive salary increases.

Affected Employees

Eligible CUNY employees covered by the Managerial Pay Plan, Bargaining Unit U2, whose titles are listed in Exhibit A of the Personnel Policy Bulletin 01-07 dated 2/26/07.

Effective Date(s)

Payments may be made in Pay Period 26C, paychecks dated 3/29/07.


Pursuant to the CUNY Board of Trustees approval and Personnel Policy Bulletin 01-07 dated 2/26/07 which provide for salary increases for CUNY Management Pay Plan employees from 2003-2006.

Payment Information

Performance Based Salary Increases:

  • Effective 9/30/03, 2.5% increase based on the 9/30/03 salary
  • Effective 9/30/04, 2.75% increase based on the 9/30/04 salary
  • Effective 9/30/05, 2% increase based on the 9/30/05 salary
  • Effective 9/30/06, 1% increase based on the 9/30/06 salary

Refer to the CUNY Personnel Policy Bulletin 01-07 dated 2/26/07 for eligibility criteria and implementation instructions.

Agency Actions

For all payments related to Personnel Policy Bulletin 01-07, appropriate documentation must be submitted to the Office of the State Comptroller prior to the submission of payments.

To implement increases for eligible employees, the agency must submit Job Requests as follows:

  • For each salary increase, a Job Request transaction must be submitted with the Action/Reason of Pay Rate Chg/CFS (Pay Rate Change/Cor Fy Sal) using the effective date of the appropriate raise and the new compensation rate.

  • A separate request must be made for each of the subsequent rows that exist on the employee’s Job Data page. A Job Request transaction must be submitted with the Action/Reason of Pay Rate Change/CSL (Pay Rate Change/Correct Salary).
Automatic Retroactive Processing

OSC will automatically calculate retroactive payments resulting from the salary increases submitted by CUNY.

Automatic retroactive payments will be processed for RGS earnings as well as certain earnings such as Lost Time (LT1) reported on the Time Entry page.

For eligible employees who have worked in more than one (1) agency and have been paid by all agencies using the same Employee Record Number since the effective date of the increases, all retroactive adjustments will be paid in the most current agency.

For eligible employees who have worked in more than one (1) agency and have been paid from more than one (1) Employee Record Number since the effective date of the increases, the retroactive adjustment for earnings in each Employee Record Number will be paid in the most current agency under each Employee Record Number.

For employees who are Inactive or on Leave Without Pay at the end of Pay Period 26C, the retroactive raise adjustment will be applied to any overpayment (OVP) set up in Additional Pay that has a Goal Amount and Goal Balance that are not equal, provided the OVP does not have an End Date.  The system will recover the entire overpayment, provided the check is sufficient. If the overpayment balance is greater than the gross amount of the check, the entire check will be taken.

Agency Actions for Retroactive Processing

Time Entry earnings submitted with an amount will not be retroactively adjusted. Therefore, the agency must report the adjustments when the following earn codes were used to report earnings on or after 9/30/03: ADJ, BSA, LSI, OWO, RGO, and SLO.

Agencies must use the Earn Code AJR (Adjust Raise) on the Time Entry page to report all retroactive changes to these codes due to the implementation of the salary increases:

Earnings Code:


Earns Begin Date:

First Date of adjustment

Earns End Date:

Last Date of adjustment


Amount to be adjusted


Enter explanation of adjustment

Undeliverable Paychecks

Inactive employees may be eligible for a payment as a result of the salary adjustment. If the agency has made an effort to deliver the check to the employee but the check has been returned and is undeliverable, the agency should forward the check to the NYS Department of Tax and Finance, Division of Treasury, per instructions in Payroll Bulletin No. 456.

Checks issued to eligible employees who are now deceased should be returned with a completed Next of Kin Affidavit (Form AC 934-P) and a Report of Check Exchange (Form AC 1476-P).

For recipients of a previously deceased employee’s payroll checks where the Next of Kin Affidavit and Report of Check Exchange forms have been submitted, OSC will accept a photocopy of these forms to process the exchange.

Payroll Register and Employee’s Paycheck/Advice

All retroactive adjustments will be displayed on the payroll register and the employee’s paycheck stub or direct deposit advice.


Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the University Manager of Payroll Systems and Operations at CUNY Central Office.