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Bureau of State Payroll Services


  Date: August 4, 2004 Bulletin No. CU-210


New Additional Compensation Option ( ACO ) for New York City Employees' Retirement System (NYCERS) Members

Purpose To inform agencies of a new Automotive Service Worker ACO pursuant to Chapter 414 of the Laws of 2002 and Chapter 681 of the Laws of 2003.
Affected Employees NYCERS members in Tiers 2 and 4 in titles eligible for Chapter 414/Chapter 681 Automotive Service Worker ACO.
Processing Changes Upon notification from NYCERS, agencies may enroll Tier 2 and Tier 4 employees in eligible titles in Chapter 414/Chapter 681 ACO (4.83%).
Agency Actions

NYCERS Certification Letter


NYCERS will provide agencies with a certification letter identifying the appropriate type of ACO for each employee to be enrolled.   Agencies should carefully review the certification letter before enrolling an employee in ACO to ensure that the correct percentage is entered.


On-Line Entry


Agencies need to select ACO from the Option Code lookup and manually populate the Percentage field with 4.83%.
OSC Actions

Existing Records

The following titles have been identified by CUNY Central Administration as eligible for the Chapter 414/Chapter 681 program:


Auto Mechanic

Auto Mechanic (CUNY)


Stationary Engr

Stationary Engineer (CUNY)

Sr Stat Eng

Sr Stationary Engineer

Supervisor of Mechs


OSC will not change ACO percentages already entered in PayServ for Active employees in these titles.   Agencies should contact NYCERS before making any changes to existing data for these employees.


Arrears Codes

Two new Deduction Codes have been created to recover arrears for Chapter 414/Chapter 681 ACO :


Code 651 NYE SE ACO Arrears Before Tax

Code 652 NYE SE ACO Arrears After Tax


These codes should be entered on the General Deduction Data page using the Flat Amount Deduction Calculation Routine.   A Goal Amount may also be used.

Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the University Manager of Payroll Systems and Operations at CUNY Central Office.