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  Date:  November  5, 2003 Bulletin No. CU-189

Subject Retroactive Rate Increases for Steamfitters
Purpose To explain the agency procedures for reporting rate increases and adjustments for miscellaneous earnings.
Affected Employees Employees in the title of Steamfitter
Increases may be submitted for Pay Period 17C, checks dated 11/26/03. Rate increases are effective 7/10/99, 6/28/00, 12/27/00 and 6/27/01.
Background The rate increases are pursuant to the New York City Comptroller's Consent Determination dated 8/20/03.

The new rates and other information are contained in Carmelo Batista, Jr.'s memorandum dated 9/15/03.
Agency Actions Reporting the Rate Increases

To increase the hourly rate(s), the agency must submit the following requests, regardless of the employee's status:
For all rate increases, request a Pay Change with the Action/Reason of Pay Rt Chg (Pay Rate Change)/ CRT (Change Rate) on the Job Action Request page using the effective date of the appropriate increase and submit the new hourly rate.
A separate request must be made for each of the rows that exist on the employee's Job Data page.

Reporting Retroactive Adjustments for All Miscellaneous Earnings

The agency must calculate and report the retroactive adjustment for all miscellaneous earnings. The earnings code AJR must be used to report the combined retroactive adjustment for all earnings. The agency must provide an explanation of the adjustment in the General Comments page or on a separate worksheet. If the agency uses a worksheet, the worksheet must be received in the Audit section by the agency deadline for Pay Period 17C.

The earnings code AJR must be reported as follows:

Earnings Begin Date: Enter the first date to be adjusted.
Earnings End Date: Enter the last date to be adjusted.
Earnings Code: Enter AJR.
Amount: Enter the total amount of the adjustment.
OSC Actions Processing Automatic Retroactive Adjustments
Regardless of the employee's status, OSC will automatically process the retroactive adjustments for all "regular hours" paid to employees, provided the agency appropriately submits the applicable increases. However, automatic adjustments will not be calculated for "Miscellaneous earnings."
Revised Rate Chart A rate chart reflecting the new rates and appropriate earnings codes will be faxed to agencies.
Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the University Manager of Payroll Systems and Operations at CUNY Central Office.