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Bureau of State Payroll Services


  Date:  May 7, 2003 Bulletin No. CU-175

Subject Employees in the Skilled Trade Title of Locksmith will now be Represented by DC-37, Local 1087
Purpose To provide information on changes required to establish DC-37, Local 1087 in the payroll system and explain updates made to affected employees.
Affected Employees Employees in the skilled trade title of Locksmith (Job Code 016216).
Checks dated May 15, 2003.
Background Employees in the title of Locksmith were previously represented by DC-37, Local 1597 (bargaining unit TU). DC-37 has transferred the representation of current and future employees in this title from Local 1597 to Local 1087.
OSC Actions OSC has established a new bargaining unit and created new dues and agency shop deduction codes as follows:

Bargaining Unit TO
Dues Deduction Code 471
Agency Shop Deduction Code 472

OSC will automatically update position and job data for all affected employees to reflect the change in bargaining unit and dues/agency shop deductions will be changed, as appropriate.

The amount of dues and agency shop for employees in the title Locksmith has changed from $25.00/biweekly to $19.96/biweekly.

There will be no additional changes to salary or benefits for these employees.

Agency Actions Notify affected employees.
Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the University Manager of Payroll Systems and Operations at CUNY Central Office.