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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date:  November 22, 2002

 Bulletin No. CU-161

Subject New Earns Codes for Employees with Non Resident Alien Tax Status
Purpose New Earns Codes for Employees with Non Resident Alien Tax Status
Affected Employees CUNY employees with Non Resident Alien Status
Effective Date Immediately
Agency Actions Effective immediately, agencies must use the attached earns code Listing (Attachment A) for all earnings for all employees with Non Resident Alien Tax Status.

These codes will be used to determine the taxable income level per agreements between certain countries and the US.

The income code for each employee will determine which group of codes is to be used. The majority of codes for Income Code 18, Teaching, begin with Y--. Earns codes for Income Code 19, Studying and Training, begin with Z.

For example, if the employee is an hourly employee and has worked regular hours, RGH, and his Income code is 18, the agency would use Y58. If the income code is 19, the agency would use Z58.

The earns codes must be used in the same manner as the original codes. Submit codes normally entered on the Additional Pay panel on the Additional Pay panel. Codes normally entered on Time Entry are to be entered on the Time Entry panel.
OSC Actions The eligible Time Entry Codes will be available in the Time Entry drop down box for each employee.

All Additional Pay earns codes will be in the drop down box on the Additional Pay panel.

If the agency determines that they need additional codes, contact the CUNY unit supervisor, Greg Browne at 518-486-3064 and the additional codes will be added.
Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the University Manager of Payroll Systems and Operations at CUNY Central Office.
  Attachment A - Alien Non Resident Status Earn Codes