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Bureau of State Payroll Services

Date: December 28, 2000 

Bulletin No. CU-106 

Subject New Bargaining Unit, Union Code, Earnings Program and Benefit Program for Certain Employees
Purpose To explain OSC processing for a New Bargaining Unit, Union Code, Earnings Program and Benefit Program
Affected Employees  Employees in certain job codes tied to Bargaining Unit U2 and Union Code U2N
Reason for Change To properly report to District Council 37 employees in affected job codes who are in Bargaining Unit U2
Effective Date December 28, 2000, check dated January 11, 2001
OSC Automatic Processing On December 29, 2000, OSC will insert a row in the Position Data panel of all positions having a Bargaining Unit of U2 and a job code of:

016117-College Acct Assnt
016118-College Acct
016119-CUNY Office Assnt
016120-CUNY Secl Assnt
016121-CUNY Admnv Assnt
016299-Information Systems Aide
016300-Information Systems Assistant
016301-Information Systems Associate
016302-Information Systems Specialist

A row will also be inserted in the Job Data panel of all employees (active or on a leave with or without pay) who occupied these positions on December 28, 2000.

The following information will be contained on the new rows:

Effective Date 12282000
Action Posn Chg
Reason Z11
Bargaining Unit U6
Union Code U6N
Earnings Program NU6
Benefit Program U6N
Agency Actions after Automatic Processing If an agency requests a retroactive change for an employee with an effective date prior to the "Current" row on the employee’s Job Data record, the change requested will not change the "Current" row.

An agency must review an employee’s Job Data record each time a retroactive action is requested on the Job Request Panel to determine if additional rows need to be corrected.

It is the agency’s responsibility to correct all rows by requesting actions (position changes, pay rate changes and data changes) for each row on the Job Data panel that is subsequent to the effective date of a retroactive change.

All retroactive leave, removal and return from leave actions having an effective date prior to the effective date of the "Current" row must be reported on the Job Action Request Panel, using the Action/Reason of Data Change/Cor Hist.

Questions Questions regarding this bulletin may be directed to the University Manager of Payroll Systems and Operations at CUNY Central Office.