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Operational Advisory
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Bureau of State Accounting Operations

Advisory Number: 1
Advisory Name: Fringe Benefit and Indirect Cost (FBIC) Assessments: 4th quarter billing for January - March 2018
Date Issued: 04/22/2016 Date Last Updated: 04/10/2018
Fringe Benefit and Indirect Cost (FBIC) Assessments: 4th quarter billing for January - March 2018
The 4th quarter FBIC billing process has been completed. Agencies must retrieve the NYAR0260 (FBIC Invoice) and NYGL0442 (FBIC Ledger) reports from SFS and begin making payments.  The 4th quarter (January-March 2018) billing reports must be run as follows:

NYAR0260: Enter the invoice date of 04/09/2018 in the ‘From Date’ and ‘To Date’ fields.

NYGL0442: Enter 03/30/2012 in the ‘From Date’ field and the current date in the ‘To Date’.

Payment of the quarterly bills is due within 30 days of receipt. Agencies should ensure that they have sufficient segregation authority to allow vouchers to be processed in a timely manner. If insufficient budget authority exists, agencies should submit budget journal transactions to DOB for approval. Any questions on budget journal transactions should be directed to your agency budget examiner.

Accounts Payable vouchers created during the FBIC billing process that have over forty nine distribution lines will be deleted by the Bureau of State Expenditures within two business days following the completion of the billing process. Agencies must obtain deleted voucher information from the NYAP3103 (Voucher Deletion) query. These vouchers must be manually re-keyed by the agencies in SFS under a new voucher number in the Accounts Payable module using the same Invoice number, Vendor ID, and amount from the deleted voucher.

Additional information on the FBIC process, updated instructions on retrieving required reports including a table of prior quarter invoice dates and contact information is available in the Guide to Financial Operations, Chapter VII, Section 9 - Fringe Benefits and Indirect Costs.

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