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Office of Operations


The following links contain information on this website from the various bureaus with the Office of Operations:

Information for State Agencies: M/WBE State Audit Review Session, Statewide Wireless Network (SWN) Reporting, Internal Control Task Force, Vendor Responsibility, New York State Fund Classification Manual, Statewide Financial Systems Program (Former FOCAS Project), New York State Accounting System User Procedures Manual, Agency Implementation Guide, State Payroll Services , Bulletins, Publications, Forms, etc.

State Finances: Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports, Financial Condition Reports, Citizen Guide, Citizen Centric Report, Cash Basis Annual Report on State Funds, Monthly Reports on Receipts and Disbursements, Summary of Annual State Spending and Receipts.

State Payroll Services: Information for current and former employees as well as NYS Agency Payroll Officers; such as, Payroll Calendars, Forms, User Group Information, Payroll Profile, PayServ Information, and Phone Directories.

Office of Unclaimed Funds: Search for lost money, learn how to claim your money, read frequently asked questions, learn about gift cards, etc.

Oil Spill Fund: New Legislation Proposed by DiNapoli to Improve Oil Spill Collections, Background on the Fund, Annual Financial Report of the Fund, Financial History of the Fund


Other Resources